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The Blue Job—Buzz Grisinger’s Take a look at

By Jim and Cheryl Farrell

Good-looking as a film star and a bodily health nut all his life, Buzz Grisinger would usually astound his co-workers by doing quite a few push-ups or pull-ups on command. He was a prize-winning aggressive swimmer into his late 80s, and stayed concerned about automotive design till his loss of life at age 91.

Grisinger graduated from the Boeing Faculty of Aeronautics, taught at Boeing, and was a designer at Chrysler within the Nineteen Thirties. He labored on the Manhattan Challenge (atomic bomb) throughout WWII, after which designed vehicles at Kaiser-Fraser till 1952, when he and co-worker Rhys Miller grew to become impartial Detroit space designers. Grisinger and Miller submitted a proposal for the Mark II design contest and have been later employed as Ford designers. Grisinger’s first project at Ford was to design the continental equipment used on the ‘56 Thunderbird. He was then named head of the Mercury pre-production studio, the place he designed the Blue Job.

Earlier than beginning the Blue Job, Grisinger was informed there was not a lot likelihood it could develop into a manufacturing automotive, however administration needed to see “what he might do.” Grisinger acknowledged that “Blue Job” was a humorous identify for an idea automotive, however he was extra concerned about its design. Grisinger was a hands-on designer who was concerned with each side of vehicles designed in his studio. Different studio designers who labored on the Blue Job included Ed Westcott, Dick Kessler, Bob Cheida, Jerry Morrison, Ed Iser, Herb Todd, and Chuck Berry. Doug McComb was the pinnacle clay modeler.

Grisinger and plenty of of his studio designers have been conscious the Blue Job was Grisinger’s check. They recall that Grisinger made many of the selections regarding design of the Blue Job, and was actively concerned even within the clay modeling of the automotive. As was customary, the Blue Job was an idea automotive designed otherwise on either side. When completed, administration was impressed sufficient to have the automotive constructed as a full-sized clay mannequin, though it had no inside and the doorways, trunk, and hood didn’t open.

When a workable retractible idea grew to become widespread data at Ford, all studios on the Styling Middle needed to provide their very own retractible mannequin. Research confirmed {that a} Lincoln and Mercury retractibles have been possible, and Thunderbird and Edsel full-sized clay mannequin retractibles have been constructed. The 1957–59 Ford Skyliner was the one retractible produced at Ford, though the retractible mechanism was later used on Thunderbird and Lincoln convertibles.

Dick Noe was a design engineer Grisinger recruited from Chrysler. Noe was an MIT graduate who, after he got here to Ford, designed and engineered a retractible mannequin of the Blue Job known as the Strato-High. It was easier and cheaper to construct than the retractable mannequin earlier developed by Continental Division. As a result of there was no cash within the Mercury studio price range, Noe’s progressive retractible mannequin solely received so far as detailed renderings and a full set of engineering drawings. Options of Noe’s Blue Job with Strato-High included the next:

  • A lightweight-weight Plexiglas sliding high panel over the front-seat space that retracted again over the rear part of the roof after which into the trunk.
  • An anodized aluminum sunshade that might be used to dam off the Plexiglas panel.
  • Simply adjusted high channel guides.
  • The whole retractible mechanism slid on cheap nylon bushings.
  • Climate seals and header bumpers have been fabricated from nylon and cheap.
  • The header was simply hooked up and had inbuilt drains
  • The headliner was molded plastic cemented to the roof.
  • Cheap versatile driveshafts that have been operated by reversible electrical motors and positioned on the centerline of the roof.
  • The trim and the outer a part of the backlight folded inward and retracted with the remaining backlight into the trunk.
  • A folded and stamped roof construction with interchangeable proper and left facet panels.

As a result of Noe’s Strato-High retractible roof design was easy and cheap, Grisinger and administration thought it might be produced for a lot much less price than the Ford retractible, and that it could look extra like the usual two-door hardtop mannequin than the Ford retractible. The failure of the Ford retractible to promote as much as expectations ended any hope for a Mercury retractible mannequin.

Grisinger’s Blue Job and the opposite vehicles his studio produced led to his appointment as head of the Lincoln-Mercury studio when Gene Bordinat was named Ford’s new chief designer in 1961. Grisinger retired in 1971, and moved to California, the place he continued to be actively concerned in automotive design, and at one level, was recruited as a clay modeler at Idea Middle (Ford of California). Grisinger loved the weeks he spent at Idea Middle a lot he stated he was sorry to depart.

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