Welcome to the World of Monaco RC

The World of Monaco RC

Monaco RC, a leading provider of top-quality racing RC products, caters to the demands of enthusiastic hobbyists and professional racers. With an illustrious history in the realm of remote-controlled vehicles, Monaco RC stands as a beacon for enthusiasts and champions alike.

Unveiling the Thrilling MonacoRC Race of Champions

MonacoRC, the prestigious entity behind Monaco RC, has announced the exhilarating third edition of the Race Of Champions set to be held in Lucca, Italy, at the renowned A.S.D. Minicar Lucca track. The event promises a showcase of skills, an experience that allows enthusiasts to race alongside top champions, and unparalleled technical exposure.

MonacoRC: The Luxury RC Shop Experience

Welcome to the World of Monaco RC


MonacoRC offers an opulent shopping experience, housing a diverse collection of RC brands in their unique online shop. Available for both B2C customers and dealers, MonacoRC ensures swift worldwide shipping within 24-48 hours.

Enhance Your Racing Experience

Dive into the captivating world of RC racing with Monaco RC’s diverse product selection and unparalleled expertise.

Unveiling the 2023 MonacoRC Race

The 2023 MonacoRC Race, celebrated for its unparalleled thrills and competitive spirit, is an event that encapsulates the essence of RC racing. With a stunning backdrop, expertly crafted tracks, and the world’s finest racers, this event is a must-experience for RC enthusiasts.


1. What products does Monaco RC offer?

Monaco RC offers a wide selection of top-quality racing RC products catering to hobbyists and professional racers, ensuring satisfaction for diverse demands

The third edition of the Race Of Champions will take place in Lucca, Italy, at the A.S.D. Minicar Lucca track.

3. How can I shop at MonacoRC?

MonacoRC provides an exclusive online shop offering a range of RC brands, accessible for both customers and dealers, with fast worldwide shipping.

4. What makes MonacoRC stand out?

MonacoRC is distinguished by its opulent shopping experience, diverse product collection, and swift global shipping, ensuring an unmatched RC experience.

5. What can one expect from the MonacoRC Race?

The MonacoRC Race is celebrated for its thrilling atmosphere, competitive spirit, expertly crafted tracks, and the presence of top-tier racers, creating an unforgettable experience for RC enthusiasts.

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